Many teachers desire a teaching tool able to simplify the activity within the classroom and exchange material between teachers and students

Google Classroom was designed by Google to make the student learning process easier and allows teachers to:

  • create courses in a simple way;
  • facilitate the distribution of educational material;
  • assign and evaluate online tasks;
  • stay in touch with students even outside the school environment.

The Google Classroom web service is totally free and you just need a personal Google account to access the platform. Teachers just need to add their students and share a code with the class, and the registration is done.

Among the innovations developed in 2018 by Google is the introduction of the “Classwork page”, totally dedicated to the tasks assigned. In this section, it is now possible to collaborate and communicate in real time through the questions asked by the students and the possibility to provide feedback thanks to tools for evaluation and correction of errors.

Innovative tools: Google Classroom