Here below you can find the main project outputs.

O1 – Template for National Research and Tools

O1 A – The European Digital Pattern for Education

Description: This report provides a recognition of the EU resolutions, recommendations and scientific projects about the development of digital skills in education. It refers also to the most recent surveys, commissioned by the EU, and to international projects, founded by the EU.




O1 B – Template for national research and tool

Description: This document presents the template for the research that each country partner has to carry out at local level. The template aims to be a reference for all national equips, to give a common grid for collecting information; to present general guidelines to write and to present the national reports and to offer a proposal for the national researches index.



O2 – National Research “Innovative training models, methods and tools for teachers
in the digital age”

Release: May 2017

O3 – A Practical Guide for Schools – Quality Framework for Integrating ICT in the Teaching-Learning Process”

Release: November 2017

O4 – National Report “Practices, training and skills needs of the digital teachers””

Release: November 2017

O5 – Testing training models for improve teachers’ competence for digital era”

Release: May 2019

O6 – Final comparative Report “Guidelines for Teachers and Education Agencies””

Release: August 2019



Description: The project e-Newsletter to inform about DECODE activities and results.


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