Evaluating digital technologies in schools and in teaching practices

ICT is a rapidly growing sector throughout Europe and could play a strategic role also in the field of education. One of DECODE’s objectives is to assess and aid the integration of ICT in both teaching practices and the development of teachers’ digital awareness and skills.

Now in its second year of implementation, DECODE is aiming to evaluate how schools incorporate digital technologies in the teaching practices of the individual partner countries, through the direct involvement of teachers of all school levels and categories in an online survey. The questionnaire has been built in order to investigate different aspects of the issue, in particular how are digital technologies used in daily professional practice and teaching work, what are the training needs of the teachers and what are the technological facilities to use in lessons provided by schools.

The results will be collected into a comparative research report (IO4 – “Practices, training and skills needs of the digital teachers” ) and will be presented during the next DECODE Transnational Meeting.

DECODE online survey
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