Socrative: quick check to student understanding

Nowadays there are a lot of tools that help to organize the educational activities. Socrative has something different for your teaching. The tool offers you the possibilty to create quizzes, exit tickets, space races and formative assessment questions to get an instant insight into students’ learning and receive their feedback.

Socrative let you design and edit activities to launch in easy-to-create virtual rooms and engage your students. By sharing the unique code you can ask your students to join your room. Once did that, you are ready to launch quizzess, ask a quick question and receive exit tickets for instant student feedback. You can make questions with multiplier choice, true/false answer or open-ended questions receiving in the end a class, question and student report. You can also download, email or transfer reports to Google Drive anytime, and share them with other teachers.

Te funniest time for your students is the Space Race: an encourage friendly competition among students with an intergalactic quizz bowl. It could be individual or groups race across the screen with correct answers. The advantage is that you can visualize student understanding in the moment as student results populate your screen in real time, using the instant feedback to organize the next steps in your instruction.

Moreover you can edit your own library of assessments specifically for your students and save them to your Socrative account. There are two versions: the free one and the pro one which has more options to satisfy your needs.

To access to Socrative you need to sign in through your own Google account. The tool works on any browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) and any enabled device (AppStore, Google Play, Amazon, Chrome web store).

Innovative tools: Socrative