Share interactive lessons with your class and collect real time feedback!

It can often be difficult to capture student’s attention during lessons and to stimulate participation, Nearpod solves these problems and it can be used by all school levels and subjects.

Nearpod allows teachers to import their existing file lessons, like Power Point and Pdf, to make them interactive adding video,web-links and other elements. The platform also provides a library of ready-to-teach, fully interactive editable and customizable lessons developed by matter experts.

Nearpod transforms classroom engagement thanks to engaging activities like: quizzes, polls, draw it, open ended questions, fill in the blanks and 3D objects.

The platform easily allows teachers to share those lessons with students across all their devices, like Iphone, Ipad, Android devices and Chromebooks, following three steps:

  1. Educators launch a live lesson;
  2. The students enter the lesson code;
  3. The session is synced to all students devices.

The platform works on any operated system or browser, including Google Classroom and other LMS (Learning Management System) like Canvas and Schoology. Nearpod also provides the educator the access to post lesson reports in order to monitor student’s progress as a real-time feedback.

 This, alongside the many other tools (like VR and 3D) , makes Nearpod an interesting innovative tool.

Check the official Nearpod website to find a more in-depth analysis and also schedule a demo:

Innovative tools : Nearpod
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