The main activities will be developed following a stepwise approach.

A first step regards the definition of the entire research design (IO1) to be shared with all partners in relation to: methodology, instruments, output etc. In this step DECODE will produce “A  template for national research and tools (IO1)” that will be shared in the first meeting between all the Partners. The document is meant as a tool for sharing a frame on the digital challenges  for the school in the digital era and for outlining a common shared frame.

In the second step DECODE produces the National Research Report on “Training models and pedagogical teaching methods for teachers in the digital age” (IO2), where each Partner country realize its qualitative reseach on the bases of IO1, identifying more interesting training models and pedagogical teaching methods for teachers to improve their digital skills and favor their incorporation of digital resources in their daily teachers practices.

In the third step  DECODE will produce “Guidelines for Assuring Quality in the process of Integration of ICT tools in the teaching-learning process“ (IO3). For this partners will involve around 30 key actors from national and local institutions in deeping interviews on the basis of a common standard prepared by Romania.

In the fourth step  each country realized the quantitative research and produce a report, titled “Practices, skills and training needs of digital teachers” (IO4) based on the results of national online survey.

The fifth step  DECODE will produce the training testing to improve teachers’ competence (IO5), to realize a national report to share evidence of testing.

The sixth step will gather all intermediate national report to elaborate the Comparative international Report. This output will contain all the notes and operative tools to transfer DECODE into other contexts, countries and situations.

The seventh step explain the communication plan. That is a relevant, transversal action which will accompany all the project, concluding with an International Conference in Italy.