When the world changes, school needs to change as well

Finland is one of the countries with the highest level of innovations in education. An interesting example is the initiative HundrED, an online platform that collects and shares international best practices in education.

How should the next 100 years of education look like in order to keep it interesting, relevant and exciting? HundrED tries to answer this question helping schools change by seeking and sharing inspiring innovation in K12 education. Its mission is to document insights and best practices, to package them and to share every useful information with the world for free.

HundrED selected 100 inspiring educational innovations from all the continents, then analyse and share them with the world. You can find the best innovations on their online platform in the form of spotlights (based on their location).

Every best practice has an introduction with a brief description of how it works, the steps to follow in case you decide to replicate it, a community to share experiences, reviews to help you deciding if it would work in your school, a Q&A section to clarify specific doubts, and contacts to communicate with the innovators.

An example of best practice selected by HundrED is Forest Schools. Created in New Zealand, it shares experiences in a woodland style of natural environment. Every child has the opportunity to experience risk and challenge, problem solving, exploring and discovering for themselves in the natural environment. Students develop their interests, initiate and drive their own learning. The best quality of Forest schools is to believe that every child is equal, unique and valuable.

Find out more best practices on HundrED website: https://hundred.org/en#header

HundrED: The world innovation behind dots
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