The cloud of your best online resources in your pocket

SymbalooEDU is the easy way to use app that allows teachers and students to save their online resources in the cloud with access from any device.

Teachers can easily save their favourite web sites to a webmix (a webmix is a collection of links around a specific topic) with just a few clicks and then share it with everyone. With an account users resources are available on any smartphone, computer and tablet.

SymbalooEDU provides a safe web environment for students learning because is free and without advertising. Moreover it integrate RSS reader for all news sources to stay current with.

SymbalooEDU search the web directly and add instantly the new websites and web 2.0 tool to the app. Also with this tool you can share resources with Twitter, email and bluetooth.

In addition SymbalooEDU app is personalizable with custom backgrounds.

Try to see how easy is to collect, organize and share resources with your classroom!

Available on iOs and Android devices: find them on the AppStore and on Google Play.

Innovative tools: SymbalooEDU
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