Digital technologies have become a key element in our society, and they are increasingly present in the educational system, forming part of the curricular content in all its stages. But in order to make effective its integration in education, its simple application is not enough, it is necessary to approach digital technologies from a methodological point of view.

Considering this need, training can provide teachers the tools and strategies for, on the one hand, applying Learning and Knowledge Technologies (LKTs) in their daily practice and, on the other, to enhance student digital competence to be able to use LKTs for learning.

DECODE project aims to create and pilot an online seminar designed to train in-service teachers in the integration of teachers’ digital competence in their professional practice.

This seminar will be carried out fully online and the participants will collaboratively design, a learning situation in which their students acquire digital competence through the use of ICT.

Due to the high number of participants in the testing phase of the Teaching Digital Competence online seminar, registrations are closed from 11.00 am on 30 November 2018.

You can still fill in the registration form  and your subscriptions will be collected as pre-accessions in case of opening of a second edition of the course.